** September 2021 COVID-19 UPDATE **

A note from Dr. Kat :

 Telemedicine and Virtual Appointments Available 

 In-Office Appointments available for Acupuncture, Craniosacral, and Physical Exams 


Dear Patients, Clients, and Community,


We strive to be here for you in the most effective and productive ways while keeping everybody as safe and healthy as possible. We are currently open for virtual appointments, which are covered by most insurance policies. **We are open for certain in-office appointments with extensive safety measures in place.**  

If you are looking to book an in-office OR virtual appointment, please reach out.

You can now text the office number (860) 271-7354, or contact us through the Charm Portal or Gmail (office.drkat@gmail.com). 

There are several ways to order your supplements.
You can contact us directly to place an order, purchase during your in-office appointment, or visit Fullscript and Wholescripts (reach out if you need more information).


Please stay stocked and up to date with your protocol! It is important to stay as healthy as possible at this time, and products are going out of stock more often due to increased demand.


I DO NOT recommend ordering food or supplements (consumables) from Amazon. Please reach out to request articles if you would like to know more.

Love, Light, and Peaceful Health,

Dr. Kat