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Dr. Elie Siag

Dr. Elie Siag being raised in Cairo, Egypt was often treated with traditional ancient Egyptian remedies, having visited herbalists during his youth Elie’s interest peaked as he went into young adulthood and prepared for college. Knowing deep down he had a spiritual journey to follow Elie left Egypt at 17 for the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, UK.


Elie studied and experienced Auricular Acupuncture, Homeopathy for everyday living and biomedical courses in Anatomy and Physiology studying the trifecta; Eastern medicine, Western Herbal Medicine and Basic Sciences for medical physicians.

Elie came to the United States to pursue more traditional medicine in a country that allows legislative change. Elie’s extra-curricular activities included a minor in Martial Arts which helped tame and discipline his young adulthood body, instructing others in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and a variety of yoga and mixed Pilates. After 4 years of Undergraduate work in 2010 Elie went back to Naturopathic studies where he studied for 3 semesters in 2012 Elie took a few more courses at CNM London before returning back to the states for a Masters in Acupuncture.


Elie extended to a Masters of Chinese Medicine which lead him to a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Siag Uses Kinesiology, Tarot and Angel readings cards, Intuition as well as modern diagnostic methods to diagnose and asses the patient. Elie has developed a skill over time to visually explore all the layers of the body including how the psyche, mind and emotional blockages can tamper with the natural flow. Dr. Siag offers a range of modalities and therapies for the body from the inside-out:

Blood Therapies: Using Blood building or Blood Nourishing formulas to help accelerate healing and stop the rise of unanchored Yang. This most commonly affects Women with Neck and Shoulder pain due to sinews lack of nourishment.

In London Dr. Siag noticed the cold-wind’s and Damp weather exacerbated this. He then formulated a protocol with Herbs, Medicinal Tinctures, Acupuncture and Tui Na to help address it more effectively.

Muscular Layer pains and tightness: by either Qi or Blood Stagnation, Dr. SIag uses Liniments and E-Stim to help recuperate muscle tension and spasms alike. He has formulated his own batches of balms with Chinese herbs, Western Herbal blends.

Sports Medicine: Dr. Siag has concentrated most of his time working on soft-tissue injuries and Bone Building as well as reduction of bone spurs due to remodeling pathologies and healing of bone matrix alike. He uses Ultra-Sound Shock wave and Moxa Therapy and fire needles for bone density levels.

Gynecology and Fertility: Dr. Siag has a special interest in the ability to help create an environment to help host a fetus working on both partners to make a suitable environment for implantation and working with IVF couples.

Weight Management: using auricular acupuncture and herbs to help with food cravings that can also speed up the metabolism and work on Chinese Organs that help to facilitate weight loss.

Cosmetic Acupuncture: Using Acupuncture and herbs to help defy the lines of gravity and body contouring for esthetic purposes. 

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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