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Ascension Naturopathic Healing Center

Where Science & Spirit Meet

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Ascension Naturopathic Healing Center's mission is to provide

outstanding healthcare services to empower, heal, and educate anyone seeking

to reach optimal health and wellness by natural means.

 We help discover significant connections, diagnoses, and solutions for each individual’s medical needs and life journey.

We take into account the functional, physiological, energetic, spiritual, and mental-emotional aspects of each individual for a multifaceted & complete wellness approach.


Health and wellness goals are met using a blend of wholistic, traditional, and cutting-edge medical diagnostic & interventions.


We offer Naturopathic consultations, Acupuncture treatments,  Craniosacral therapy, and more.


Call Today! 860-271-7354


Dr Kaitlyn N. Staal is a Naturopathic physician in

Madison, CT serving surrounding communities.


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