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Use this site for Dr. Kat's favorite recommendations, your personalized protocol, and to shop for natural health & beauty products:

What’s an Apothecary?
An Apothecary is an ancient Greek term used for pharmacy-type stores offering a wide range of remedies including hygiene products, herbs, minerals, and other medications.

Why can’t I use Amazon or Google?
While you can find great deals on Amazon, Google, and the like, there is a reason their products are much cheaper. Quality control is less regulated and there is a risk of tampering with the products by third-party sellers (I’ve seen it myself!). At times, the producer of a supplement may sell a batch of supplements to a third party when the product failed their stringent quality testing. Further, there are lawsuits against Amazon for selling counterfeit supplements.
This is not always the case, but are you comfortable taking this risk?

How do I sign up to use Dr. Kat's Apothecary?

It’s simple. Simply visit the website one of two ways:

1. Enter into your browser -OR-
2. Click on the Fullscript “place order” box found on this page.

Once you’re there, follow the prompts to create a username and password. 
You can then browse & search for products like you would any other product site:
- Click on “Product Catalogue”
- You can either search the entire Apothecary by typing in what you are looking for in the search box
- Or you can select a category in the drop-down box to the left of the search bar labeled “Shop by Dispensary Categories” to see some of Dr. Kat's favorite products in common health and wellness categories.

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