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Recommended Websites

 Cultures for Health: Probiotics are extremely important for immediate and long term health. Keep your mind and your gut in check while enhancing your nutrient uptake by incorporating probiotics into your daily diet. More and more research is showing its benefits for our immune function, emotional health, cognition, and digestion. This is a great resource for recipes, products, and facts pertaining to the world of ferments
Cultures for Health Website

          Environmental Working Group: EVERYBODY should have this on their Bookmark Bar! Find out about the best choices and what to avoid when it comes to daily living: food, farming, beauty products, bath products, cleaning products, common endocrine disruptors, and other environmental factors that affect your health every day
EWG's Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen
EWG's Seafood Consumer Guide
EWG's Sunscreen Guide
EWG's Cosmetic Guide
EWG's Cleaning Product Guide

          Mountain Rose Herbs: An amazing resource for your herbal product and information needs. This company has excellent standards, practices & principles.
Mountain Rose Herbs Store
Mountain Rose Herbs Blog
 A family-owned nut and dried fruit online shop with organic bulk at great prices Store

         Wellness Mama: A cute, fun and highly informative blog for healthy home living
Wellness Mama Blog

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