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Introducing: Jen Shaw, our newest Healer

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hey everyone! My name is Jen and I am the new licensed massage therapist and esthetician here at

Ascension. I wanted to take a second to write and perhaps prompt some positive thoughts, start a

discussion, or create some movement whether that be vibrational or physical.

Are you getting out there? During this chaos have you dismissed yourself, lost yourself, or reinvented yourself? Have you sat in the stillness to connect with the silence?

We may never experience such emptiness and void again, what have you done to embrace it?

So, personally speaking I fought it hard, lost my job, and am homeschooling my 9yr old. I’m

barely a mother let alone a TEACHER?!!!! Eventually, I started to crawl my way out of the despair, loss of independence, and into the new reality…How? I kept getting in my Jeep and going for rides…top off … doors off…play list on. I have put on 5,000 miles since April if that gives you an idea of the headspace I needed to clear.

Still need to clear… it’s kind of a new connection I have to the road…. And to be totally

transparent it is very addicting. Recently I downloaded trail apps. My favorite is Alltrails, you can filter the location, distance etc. So, now I go for a ride AND a walk. I no longer dislike the cold (which is nothing short of a miracle).

I find I cannot capture the beauty of nature in my cell pics I try to share with my friends. So, I walk and observe and listen and honor sharing the space with wildlife, trees, moss, sunlight, wind, even the chilly rain.

If you haven’t recently, go get out there...and look upon the journey as a toddler does: with no fear; just awe with new eyes for this new dimension we are experiencing. Pick up stones, and sticks and bugs, point to the red-tailed hawk as he floats by, let the soil ground you, the trees embrace you and the vastness free you.

Know as well, the staff at Ascension is here to support and encourage your wellness needs,

questions, concerns, and celebrations.

See you soon,


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