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We’re here to keep you well

From Nutritional Counseling to Massage, Medical consults to Acupuncture,

we’re here to help you shine.

You can find healing hands here in many forms: Massage, Craniosacral therapy,

Acupuncture, Facial consults, and Intuitive healing are all available to you.

Call or text (860) 271-7354 to set up some rejuvenating you-time.

Dr. Kat always covers nutrition and suggests dietary changes

specific to your case during your Naturopathic consults.

Did you know that we offer affordable Nutritional Coaching to help you follow through

on using food as medicine?

Call or text (860) 271-7354 to set up a session or two for awesome tips, tricks, and guidance.

We’ll hold your hand and hold you accountable ;)

Community is key and we believe Naturopathic medicine is a sacred right

to any who wish to seek health and healing in safe and natural ways.

We are working with other community members and legislation to expand insurance benefits for you and your family, as well as Naturopathic scope of practice in Connecticut.

Want to help or get involved? Please reach out and let us know,

and we’ll get you on our Community Benefits list to keep you in the know!

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