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May 2021 Practice Updates

What’s new at Ascension!?

  • In-office blood draws/Phlebotomy

  • Naturopathy telemedicine on Mondays

  • Nutritional Services

  • Rates Transparency

  • Policy Transparency

In-office Phlebotomy:

We are now offering standard and specialized medical testing collection at the comfort of our office! Offered during our regular hours, you can schedule with the front desk at any time. There is a $20 deposit, refundable based on insurance coverage.

Naturopathic Consultations now available on Mondays:

You asked, and we heard you! You can now schedule telelmedicine consultations to connect with Dr. Kat every Monday.

Nutritional Services:

Jen Shaw, our newest wonder-woman, has been taking Nutritional med courses and, along with mentorship directly from Dr. Kat, is now ready to offer you some amazing Nutritional support and counseling. While diet and food as medicine is covered during your regular Naturopathic visits, Jen is here to help with accountability, guidance, and more frequent, affordable services to help you integrate changes in real life. She’s another brilliant brain here to help discover and contribute to the best plan possible for your optimal wellbeing.

Rates Transparency:

In an effort to maintain clarity and support appropriate financial-planning, all rates are now available on our website, here.

Office Policies Transparency:

You can always access your signed policies through the Charm Portal. In an effort to maintain clarity and mutual understanding, we have also published the main takeaways of each policy on our website, here.

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